Agile Advisory

Agile project management and unleash your team’s potential to deliver more innovative solutions faster.

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Depending on your organizational needs, we can provide a flexible, scalable and ideal solution and can help you in all areas of Agile support. The Centre of Excellence at Kani Solutions have been serving as Advisories to many clients and constantly working on business improvement strategies.

Our Advisory group has access to powerful knowledge repositories and propriety business models to help you in your Agile success journey. Our Agile Advisory Services help clients gain organizational agility and guide them with Lean Agile setup including: 

Analyzing and Mapping your current workflow

Start using Kanban boards to visualize your work

Teaching ways to focus on flow

Coach teams on importance of limiting the (WIP) Work-In -Progress

Finally Measure and Improve

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Cloud Advisory

Our Cloud advisory services allow you to minimize costs on your existing infrastructure.

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while making it more scalable, flexible, resilient and secure. Our experienced team of engineers and software developers analyzes your existing IT infrastructure and development processes and recommends the most efficient pathway forward according to your organization’s needs and best practices.

The Kani Solutions Cloud Innovation Center helps client firms to design, develop, test and implement innovative cloud solutions that meet their specific business needs, regardless of the size of the business and domain

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DevOps Advisory

Our DevOps Advisory Service empowers DevOps transformation and technology leaders on their cloud and DevOps journey.

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Every DevOps transformation is unique and every transformation leader has their own challenges in delivering change within their organisation.

Our DevOps Advisory Service provides leaders with easy and flexible access to the support they need from expert DevOps consultants with experience of “leading the transformation” at organisations regardless of the size of the business and domain

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