• At Kani, our expertise is in providing customized staffing and business transformation solutions. We do extremely well in providing business agility and technology transformation solutions for businesses aspiring to lead. With a mindset of value to customer, our expertise and futuristic thinking helps clients gain true organizational agility
  • Our constant endeavor is to surpass our customers’ expectations by offering groundbreaking, systemic and pragmatic solutions that cater to their diverse business needs. This intrinsic impetus of relentless improvement championed by systemic thinking helped us deliver superior value to our business partners for over a decade now
  • We firmly believe in being unique, innovative and be the value maximizes of our stakeholders. Our mission and core values exemplify the culture and business ethics we trust in.



Persistently improve work standards and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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By offering groundbreaking, systemic and pragmatic solutions that serve their unique business needs. We believe in creating prodigious business relationship with our valued clients and generating excessive investment returns to them. At the same time our employees need to be respected and empowered.

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Kani has created a remarkable legacy of providing top quality business solutions to customers all over North America.

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We develop, certify and optimize our joint solutions to ensure total interoperability and complete solutions. The Kani Solution Center supports projects by providing onsite experts who can quickly assess your needs, recommend solutions, and collaborate with your team to create cost effective IT solutions. Kani delivers fully operational world-class solutions tailored to solve your unique business requirements. Our experts leverage best-practices to rapidly build a proven solution, so your organization accelerates in reaching business agility.

Unwavering commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations in all aspects of work engagement.

Kani’s proficiency is in providing tailor-made enterprise agility and business transformation solutions

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