Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

In an effort to provide more efficient and eo-friendly services, Kani offices have implemented several "green initiatives" to reduce the environmental impact on our planet. The environment belongs to all of us, and we each have a responsibility to ensure its well-being.

Recycling and Reusing for Sustainability

  • Using recycling bins for paper products, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans.

  • Using recycled paper for mailings and promotional materials whenever possible.

  • Providing reusable coffee mugs and plastic cups to employees at certain locations.

  • Replacing janitorial supplies and paper towels with more eco-friendly products.

  • Encouraging staff to bring lunch to reduce the use of plastic containers and utensils from local restaurants.

Conserving Energy to Reduce Carbon Emissions

  • Turning off all cubicle and office lighting at the close of business each day.

  • Eliminating electrical usage from desktop computers when not in use.

  • Implementing staggered climate control daily start-up times and building temperature standards for summer cooling and winter heating.

  • Installing sun film on sun-exposed windows to reduce glare and hot spots within our facility to lower electricity usage from climate control systems.